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Breathtaking landscapes, charismatic people and a thriving culture of art, music, sport & dance. You'll live Spanish in Argentina to the full.
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We've been to the best Spanish schools in Cartagena & Medellín. Caribbean coast or the Andean foot hills, why not both? A magical country to immerse yourself.
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Costa Rica

Nature at it's most splendent. Combine Spanish classes with surfing, diving or jungle treks. Chilling with new friends on a tropical beach & chatting with locals isn't bad either!
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Now is always a good time to visit & learn Spanish in Cuba. Speaking to the locals will give you all the motivation you need. There's so much to talk about, even more to enjoy!
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Dominican Republic

Pristine beaches, turquoise waters for scuba & snorkelling, friendly people, beautiful colonial architecture and an energizing social life. A perfect setting to learn Spanish!
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A dynamic, tranquil and hospitable country with a mild climate. Learning Spanish in Ecuador with views of the Andes & ancient volcanoes is idyllic, exciting & inspiring.
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You'll never forget this lifetime opportunity to learn Spanish. Study after a Caribbean beach breakfast, then visit Mayan sites. Explore awesome landscapes & fascinating cultures.
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Choose between a modern city, beautiful highlands or the stunning Caribbean coast...or combine all three! Surf, swim, hike & relax! We've been there to select the best for you.
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