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What's in your picture of Spain? The spectacular landscapes & rich cultures of Andalusia? It's also home to so many great Spanish schools. We'll help you choose.
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You can do so many amazing things while learning Spanish in Barcelona. Enjoy beaches, fantastic architecture, top sport and a lively nightlife... just for starters!
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Study Spanish while enjoying an ideal climate throughout the year. Corralejo is the Hawaii of Europe, a mecca for surfers. There is plenty to explore inland too.
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Well known in recent times for it's electronic dance scene, Ibiza also has a fascinating ancient history and a rich biodiversity. It's easy to escape the crowds.
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There are so many compelling reasons to study here, it's difficult to know where to start. Would you come for it’s warm spring and autumn or it's crisp, sunny winter?
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Why Menorca? Tranquillity, beautiful beaches and alfresco dining accompanied by gorgeous sunsets may help you decide. It's countryside is also stunning.
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A majestic university city, steeped in history. It's a popular choice for international students. The Old city is a UNESCO Heritage Site.
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Learn Spanish in Tenerife and make it a holiday! Watersports, hiking, dining out or lazing on the beach. Perfect all year round. You might find it hard to leave!
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Valencia combines a young vibe with a deep sense of tradition. It’s heart pounding festivals such as the "Falles" attract visitors from around the world.
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