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Four quality Spanish schools in Valencia

Firstly, we found the task of selecting the three best Spanish schools in Valencia impossible. Therefore, after a long selection process, we chose four!

Valencia is Spain’s third largest city. It combines a young, hip vibe with a deep sense of tradition and history. It’s heart pounding festivals attract visitors from around the world. For example, many students who choose a Spanish course in Valencia come for the famous “Falles.”

On the other hand, some students come to study Spanish and try sailing among world class yachting facilities. The weather is perfect throughout the year. A bike ride to the beach and a swim is nearly always an option.

Valencia’s stunning City of Arts and Sciences deserves at least a couple of visits even during a short stay.

If you wander around the Central Market, you’ll understand why people flock to Valencia for it’s gastronomy too. Saffron- paella originates from Valencia as well as the cool, sweet horchata drink.

Valencia Airport is the 10th busiest in Spain with over 60 international destinations. Ibiza, Majorca and Menorca are just a short hop away. However, we always recommend train or coach for journeys within Spain. You can also visit the Balearic Islands by ship.

Finally, as if the gastronomy, culture, sports, festivals or climate weren’t reasons enough to visit, these great Spanish schools in Valencia will help you live the language to the max!

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The best Spanish schools in Valencia will enchant you!


Don Quijote Spanish School

The building itself is enough to inspire any learner! Housed in a recently restored 15th century mansion, it perfectly reflects Valencia’s old world charm combined with modern fashion and culture. Similarly, the streets around form part of the atmospheric old quarter.

We offer you a vast range of courses for all ages, including 30+ and 50+, taught by highly trained and experienced staff. A full range of quality accommodation is also available.

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Españolé Spanish school

Located in the same “barrio” as Don Quijote, IH moved to this beautifully renovated 18th century palace in late 2018. Classrooms are bright and modern. Between classes you can relax and chat in the patios, on the sun roof, reading room or student café.

Other notable points are the student kitchen classroom and a great range of accommodation to suit all budgets.

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Spanish course in Valencia Hispania Spain

Hispania Spanish school

This multi award winning school was designed with teachers and students in mind. As a result, they have created the ideal school. The facilities are therefore superb. It boasts a vast range of top quality courses and accommodation. This is evidently a student focused school, offering a very flexible timetable.

Hispania describe themselves as a “Happy School.” Indeed, the most common Spanish expression you’ll find here is a smile!

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Taronja Spanish school

A dynamic school that reflects the creative energy and passion of it’s founders. The school offers an extensive range of courses to suite all needs. What’s more, a vast range of cultural activities are included in the price. It’s young team will help mix your studies with an exciting social life.

Even better, Taronja is located on a pedestrian street in the heart of Valencia. Therefore you just need to step out of the school to take in the ambience of cafe culture.

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