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Spanish and surf school


Looking for a Spanish and surf school in Spain, Costa Rica or Panama?


Cadiz – CLIC Spanish & surf school

Surf’s up! This Spanish school is ideal for those looking for something off the beaten track. In particular, the wild beaches and bright African light appeals to those choosing Spanish + Surf. What’s more, it’s 50+ course is very popular for those looking for a fascinating Spanish immersion experience. A full range of accommodation options is offered. As a result, you’ll find this a great place to learn Spanish in Cadiz.

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Cadiz – K2 International Spanish & surf school

Lastly, but by no means least, we offer you this stylish school in Cadiz. What’s more, it’s location is ideal. The beach, bars, shops, museums and Roman amphitheatre are just a five minute walk away. DELE exam, 50+ and Business Spanish are among it’s specific Spanish courses on offer. Coupled with modern facilities and a great kitchen, we know you will feel at home here. A full range of quality accommodation is of course offered to suit all tastes and budgets.

Tenerife – FU International, Spanish school

Aprender inglés y socializarse con estilo. La única escuela de inglés para mayores de 30 años en Londres es un espacio de aprendizaje sofisticado y contemporáneo, diseñada para reflejar los aspectos únicos del capital Británico. Incluye las opciones  Inglés + Cultural o Inglés + Negocios.

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Panama – Habla Ya Spanish school




Costa Rica – Playa Jaco Enforex Spanish school

Jacó is the perfect surfing destination: a beach town set in naturally rich surroundings. International travellers and locals alike enjoy the wicked waves of Costa Rica’s central Pacific coast.  This lively town regularly hosts international surf contests. Restaurants, shops, bars, clubs and accommodation are located near the shore.


Spanish programmes offered:

  • Intensive Group Course: 20 lessons per week
  • Combination Course : 20 group lessons + 5 One on One lessons per week
  • One on One Course: 10 lessons per week
  • Volunteer Program